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Mr Darby's Canine Crispers began with our very picky fur

baby Maltese, Darby. Darby had what we thought was nothing more than a very picky palate and we went through hundreds of dollars in dog treats that he kept disapproving of. 

  It turns out Darby wasn't just picky, he had an intuition to know he didn't want the unhealthy additives that were a part of most commercial dog treats on the market. Things like artificial ingredients, dyes, unhealthy chemicals, questionable fillers, and at one point we even discovered mold in a popular high end bag of "all-natural" treats, yuck!

  This was the beginning and foundation on which Mr Darby's Canine Crispers was created. 

   After years of dedication and hard work we have created  treats Darby loves and we are happy and proud to share with you and your canine best friends. It's simply chicken preserved through an intricate raw, freeze-dried process and infused with Turmeric to ensure the highest level of nutrition and taste.  

                     Simple. Good. Clean. Delicious.

                    That's Mr Darby's Canine Crispers. 


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